About the Project

About Project

Promoting community tourism successfully is a daunting task because Thailand has hundreds of communities that are considered to be ‘tourist destinations’, each of which has different tourism potential and features. If the community has natural resources such as a nearby sea or waterfalls as its main selling points, it is not difficult to attract people into those communities. The questions are: What about the communities that do not have those natural attractions? What can be done to make people go there?

In answer to these challenging questions, the Village to the World Project was born on November 2015. Its mission was called the “Value adding initiative to strengthen community tourism” for the purpose of creating tourism innovations for communities by switching from attraction-based tourism to activity-based tourism. This type of tourism is not restricted to only natural attractions but rather presents stories about activities, learning and exchanges of experiences within communities. It’s a way to add more value to tourism, reach new groups of tourists and create new opportunities for communities with channels for earning a sustainable income from tourism.

In 2016, the project was launched under the title “MEET IN THE VILLAGE, #BestCSROutingEver” as CSR outing-style tourism for corporations that adapts learning activities, arts, culture and community lifestyles and turns them into team building and workshop activities enabling employees within organizations to enjoy in-depth learning and exchange local experiences in a fun way.

At present, all communities are ready to open their homes and welcome tourists from any organization to come and experience community tourism in the form of a CSR outing. Employees can enjoy diverse community features and charms, while entire organizations can feel satisfied that their participation in the CSR activities actually benefits the community.

The Village to the World Project is supported by both private and public organizations such as the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization), Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, Dhipaya Insurance PCL., Bangkok Airways, Thai AirAsia, NCC Management & Development Co., Ltd., and Mono Broadcast Co., Ltd. The support from all of these organizations has provided an enormous amount of encouragement for all work committees within the project. In the name of the Village to the World Project, I would like to express my appreciation to all involved and hope that we will continue to receive your ongoing support.